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Invoay Software Redefining Salon & Spa Industry in India- Showcased “Power of Touch” at Professional Beauty Show at Mumbai (16-17 September 2019) Technology is changing salon and spa businesses, their client behaviours and structures. Salon and spa businesses must rethink their relationship with clients at every stage of the buying cycle—from

Are you looking to switch to a salon and spa management software that actually works the way you do? If you run a hair and beauty salon, spa, or any other wellness business, it is the perfect time for changing salon software so you can set yourself up for success. The

Whether your salon and spa business is relatively new, or mature, you need to attract new clients in order to keep your business healthy.  Many Salons and spas believe they can survive purely on word of mouth and their existing customer base. However, even a busy Salon and spa will

Running a business requires you to use many skills, but the one that matters the most is communication with your team. In order for hair and beauty salons to grow and flourish, you must create an effective teamwork culture that also encourages employees to be good salespeople and to do this you need

In a time where discounts account for a huge percentage of business, it is very important to build a loyal clientele, to keep business booming and clients returning. With the likes of Groupon offering extreme discounts with many brands and business across many sectors, it is essential that salons and

What are you doing with all that customer data you're hoarding? From names and contact information to the frequency of purchasing,  total lifetime value and beyond, these insights are good for more than file cabinet filler. With the right pieces of information about your clients, you can craft your entire lead

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