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Start with Invoay's Point of Sale and Customer Relationship Management

Fast, reliable, easy-to-use. That’s the powerful POS at the core of our retail management system. Built just for Retail, Beauty and Wellness and Food and Beverage. Invoay POS comes loaded with all the features you need to streamline operations, increase sales, and delight guests.
Invoay is your complete ERP System, Ready to go Make The Move
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Prepare Business in COVID-19

How industry leaders in salon business are navigating through COVID -19

Resource Hub

COVID-19 Features: Bring you back to business

Resources to prepare for your business as you will be resuming complete operation during COVID-19

To help businesses transition through these difficult times, Invoay Software extended its support to businesses through several initiatives. Several enterprises, especially the small and medium ones, are directly impacted across the globe, and that’s why Invoay Software has come up with these initiatives for businesses.

Build out a business continuity plan and create a communication strategy

If your business relies on face-to-face contact or in-store purchasing, now’s the time to think outside the box. Consider COVID-19 features for consults and services and online retail spaces for goods and services.


Secure your business post COVID-19 with Invoay eMonitor

Just drop your details and we will call you back! Assured Callback From Experts (Within 24 hours)


Maintain the records and history of health vitals of your customers and employees, Take timely action either to temporarily hold the operations or sanitize premises.


Meet your customer expectations and concern on precautions measures, Text notification on your customer phone allows them to track details of their visits.


Invoay ensures your business is a success

Our comprehensive software solutions are totally adaptable, fully scalable and tailored to meet your individual needs. Our primary goals are to make your life easier and help you deliver an exceptional in retail experience to your clients. Here are some key features:

Connects with your clients using automated marketing, or select from thousands of combinations with custom marketing.

Data and graphs from total summary, productivity, occupancy, service, end of day or choose from 1 of over 100 other reports.

Calculates CGST, SGST and IGST in less than 5 seconds, manages GST and wages, prepares profit and loss reports, petty cash and much more.

Our complete POS takes care of offline to online billing or CRM, updates stock records, pre-paid cards, tracks gift cards and service packages.

The easiest appointment book to use, easily make or change client appointments. Online booking allows clients to book 24/7.

Tracks your clients visit, service and retail history with the integrated client cards, notes, reward points, VIP status, CRM and more.

Create and update services, pre-paid, wallet, packages, membership, loyalty, integrates with our appointment book and point of sale. Delivers a big range of reports.

Manages all of your stock needs from ordering to receiving, retail use, allows you to create orders within your budget, and more.

Set access permissions, create schedules, manage commission rates, payroll, & assign appointments. Invoay gives you the power to manage your employees on the go.

Multiple locations quickly, seamlessly, & cost-effectively. Switch between multiple locations with ease & maintain complete control of every business location.

Customisable Stores apps to give your business more visibility and allow your clients to reach and connect with you easily or billed manager app to track billing, CRM and marking.

Pin or password, customise the level of security to suit your retail needs. Back up your data safely and securely to our cloud server.

Everything You Need To Grow Your Business

Multi-Location Ready

Invoay is the most scalable mobile POS currently available. Whether you plan on expanding in the future or already operate multiple locations, the Invoay team can help guide you through initial setup and deployment of the app.

Invoay is the first cloud POS and CRM system to integrate with enterprise back end technologies like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Tally Let us help your corporate organization make the jump to the future of POS.

  • Integrate our front-end system with existing ERP back ends.
  • Invoay is designed to be easy-to-learn to minimize employee training time.
  • Manage inventory and create purchase orders for all corporate locations.
  • Share important customer data such as receipts, loyalty points, gift cards and more across all locations.
  • Compatible with pin and chip (EMV) technology for optimal security.
  • A dedicated POS consultant will help you every step of the way.

Invoay is the perfect POS solution for franchisees AND franchisors. With each additional franchise opened, deployment is almost instant.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Offline – Online Billing and CRM.
  • Track inventory and watch sales grow with centralized real-time reports.
  • Use loyalty programs, email and text message marketing to keep customers coming back.
  • Compatible with pin and chip (EMV) technology for optimal security.

For special cases, the Invoay team is capable of fully customizing a POS system to fit your unique business needs.

  • Work with an unrivaled software development team to achieve the perfect set of tools for your business.
  • Integrate custom payment solutions.
  • Work with the Invoay team to create a UI design that reinforces your brand.

Skyrocket your profits and productivity with Invoay Pocket

Maximize your profits with data

Invoay gives you clear, detailed Billing and CRM data and real-time reports that you can access from desktop or even your smartphone.

Save hours on your inventory

Whatever you sell, Invoay's automated inventory, marking, CRM and POS management tools will save you hours, and avoid any errors.


Trusted by 2,500+ brands


"The support staff were right onto my questions and really went out of her way to help me."

Anshu Mathur

Creative Director - Studio 25


"I had the whole thing figured out in no time. When I did have questions, I was beyond impressed with the turn around time response."

Manju Rawat

Creative Director - Styles Salon


“I just wanted to thank you for making my work easier! I’m so happy to have made the change to Invoay! I spend half the time I use to putting together reports and doing payroll and best of all I can do it from anywhere! It’s the simplest system I have ever used. My receptionists also love Invoay POS. It’s fast and easy to work with and closing out at night only takes five minutes, Invoay Software is great!!”

Joban Maini

COO - Nail Spa by Gurpreet (NSG)


I am very pleased with INVOAY. Everything works well and they are working on improvements constantly. I would recommend it to anyone!


Glorious Unisex Salon

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