Core Features

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Point Of Sales (POS)

Move beyond processing only transactions, to empowering experiences of your customers that help to improve your sales with a fast and dependable point of sales application for quick, convenient, and contactless customer transactions. Connects with your credit card processor to process transactions in real-time.
  • Touch screen interface with custom configuration  
  • GST Invoice with the break-up of each percentage 
  • Instantly calculates every sales transaction
  • Online-Offline billing that works even without internet
  • Adjusts inventory with each sale transaction
  • Automatically balance your cash drawer and all other digital payment 
  • Tracks add-on product and services sales
  • Tracks each operator’s total with complete audit trail
  • Handles paid-outs, refunds, wallet balance and discounts
  • Handles series, retail and service combinations
  • Manage daily expenses and petty cash
  • Multiple bills on hold and cut your customers in que
  • OTP based redemption of points and voucher
  • Bill cancellation to refund or wallet credit for later use of customer


Adapt to the appointment scheduler and manage your occupancy. Take bookings over the phone or online via your website, app, or social channels and schedule them in one place. Set working days; schedule staff and link services, resources so you never double book. Optimize your schedule, making sure appointments are booked back to back with no unnecessary gaps.
  • Touch screen appointment scheduler 
  • Resource booking
  • Schedules all operators easily and accurately
  • Automatically finds open times
  • Books standing appointments
  • Automatically tracks prebook appointments and add-ons
  • Add part payment and track balances
  • Add booking remarks and preference
  • Tracks client check-in and check-out
  • Books multiple services and packages
  • Custom message alert on appointment confirmation and reminder
  • Custom message alert on appointment cancellation and time change


Become a proud owner of your retail store by organizing all your products in the systems, easily sort them, assign barcodes, classify as per your business type, and avoid costly errors. Never dread a stock take again. Create and track orders a breeze with a cleaver and portable system that integrates with Invoay Pocket app and your POS .
  • Generates barcodes and price labels
  • Analyzes all sales for the best profit potential
  • Take physical inventory
  • Identify trends in staff product usage and customer purchases
  • Manage product lines by manufacturer
  • View entire stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution centre
  • Manage stock with barcode scanners and handheld devices
  • Enter direct purchase or bulk upload as per the supplier invoice
  • Stock transfer from the warehouse to store or inter-store transfers
  • Stock inward at the respective store POS with acknowledgement tracking at Backoffice
  • Inventory count, auditing and adjustments
  • Stock replenishment based on requisition request from the store or minimum stock level


Win back lost customers and increase customer lifetime value and brand engagement with built-in loyalty that tracks all the customer contact, preferences, and purchase history. Run targeted promotions, offers, and personalized campaigns that keep customers coming back to the stores.
Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept
  • Send loyalty and automated reminder notification to valued customers
  • Setup tier-based loyalty plans across or at the individual store
  • Integrate built-in point-based loyalty promotion on customer purchase
  • Define membership based on product category, segment or on total bill spend
  • Set loyalty referral programs to provide a referral bonus to both refer and referee
  • Reward customers on their first visit registration, feedback and customize campaign
  • Sell membership wallet and prepaid cards with optional anywhere redemption
  • Run and manage a happy hour and day wise campaign cashback offers
  • Automate reminders on birthday, anniversary and next product purchase
  • Instant transaction message on partial or complete redemption of wallet amount
  • Automate reminders of membership expiry and membership wallet recharge
  • Secure OTP based redemption on the wallet and promotional benefits


Empower employees with fingertip access to their working time schedules, customer conversions, sales performance, commissions, and tips earned. Set and review the target performance of your employees on multiple parameters.
  • Tamper free biometric-based employee check-ins and check-out
  • Generate employee attendance report based on ins, out and settlements
  • Protect business revenue loss due to employee theft, fraud, and pilferages
  • Track daily till collection for any discrepancy or mismatch
  • Set employee target on customer conversion, up-sale, and cross-sale
  • Compare employee performance across the store or multiple locations
  • Manage employee daily, monthly incentives and payouts
  • Set multiple user authorization based on employee role
  • Complete audit trail on the transaction by individual employee user  
  • Employee salaries calculations and prints payroll


Create a healthy customer relationship by inspiring the store retailing with more practical and functional. Transact, upsell, and liaise with your customer using the right retail technology which is seamlessly integrated with billing POS, stock, loyalty, and backoffice operations, allows you to serve your customer the way they expect.
  • Automatically creates a profile with every new customer
  • Add additional preference and remarks for personalized services and product
  • Filter customers by multiple parameters to have meaningful segments
  • Manage returns, exchanges and encourage repeat purchases
  • Call, e-mail or send SMS directly to your customers
  • Track customer’s order history across multiple stores or online
  • Filter customers with their opt-in preference and target accordingly
  • Use customer insights to drive long term and lifetime customer value
  • Create tiered levels of membership and automatically promote members as per rules
  • Take customer feedback from customer automated over SMS or through the instore app
  • Enhanced shopping experience and give sales associate power increase customer value


Convert customers who are sure about your services with a variety of combinations of services and products from your catalog. Easily and quickly creates packages or combo- see at a glance a list of all active packages. Sell and manage day packages, fixed packages, deal packages, sitting based packages, and custom packages for your customer.
  • Create and sell fixed packages with the restriction on offerings
  • Create and sell deal packages with a choice on offered services
  • Create and sell one-by-one packages with each session expiry
  • Give personalized experience by offering consultation based customer packages
  • Track and manage each session cost, expiry of the package and sales commission
  • Redeem package benefits with authentication based on OTP 
  • Sell and redeem package anywhere in case of multi-location stores
  • Calculate staff incentive on each session serviced by them
  • Automate SMS alerts to the customer on their near package expiry 
  • Manage one or multiple packages at a time for an individual customer
  • Review reports on package sale, expiry, balance session, incentive, etc.

Wallet & Prepaid Card

Make your brand the destination of choice by enhancing the customer shopping experience. Adopt for the most effective strategies to foster customer relationships by offering promotional and additional benefits on their purchase spend. Membership wallet is a flexible prepaid offer that is available both digitally or on a card and is redeemable across channels and locations of your stores.
  • Enable customers to save on your branded membership wallet, gift, and prepaid cards
  • Create and offer multiple denominations of virtual or card-based purchases.
  • Option to charge taxes at the time of sales or redemption of value
  • Secure the redeemable value by authenticating OTP at the time of redemption 
  • Track and manage expiry of membership wallet, wallet, prepaid and gift cards 
  • Sell and redeem wallet amount anywhere in case of multi-location stores
  • Ensures that customers can access the most up to date balances and expiry
  • Instant SMS notification and receipt for redeeming value and balance
  • Carry forward balances in case of recharge before expiry
  • In exceptional cases option to extend the wallet amount benefits   
  • Track employee incentives separately on sales and redemption of purchased value
  • Review the reports on membership wallet, wallet/prepaid sales, expiry, and balance


Develop a deeper relationship with your customer by discounting their total spending. An in-built part of the Invoay software, Members progress through levels depending on a flat discount, category-based discounts, or on the slab of the amount they spend. Built your customer base and generate repeat sales.
  • Offers a variety of memberships with an automated discount at the time of the transaction
  • Create basic and spend based membership
  • Define price and manage expiry of each membership plan
  • Offer discount on selective or all categories/department of products and services
  • Define range based membership with the discount offered on the amount spent
  • Make a combination of membership with selective discount and bill range
  • Sell and avail membership benefits anywhere in case of multi-location stores
  • Track staff sales incentives, membership sales, expiry with backoffice reports
  • Track overall membership discount is given on bill transactions

Loyalty & Reward

Getting customers into your stores is one thing, ensuring they come back again is a different challenge. Win back customers and increase customer lifetime value with in-built loyalty that tracks all customer contacts and purchasing preferences; launch targeted promotions, offers, and personalized campaigns that keep customers coming back.
  • Setup multiple loyalty plans across multiple locations
  • Configure minimum purchase value, percentage, point value for point accruals
  • Easily send loyalty notifications to valued customers
  • Individual plans can relate to specific products or promotions
  • The loyalty point can be defined to provide bonus points to a specific set of customers
  • Accrual and redemption of points benefits anywhere in case of multi-location stores
  • Restrict point accrual for those already enrolled under membership and packages

Online Booking & CheckIn

The retail industry is facing its biggest hurdle yet as a result of the global pandemic and pushing ahead through these challenging times and planning for the future with innovative ways to offer their products and services online. It’s more important than ever to have an omnichannel business strategy to stay ahead and ready for robust business.
  • Start selling online in record time and reach new potential customers online
  • Move slow-moving and excess inventory quickly via online sales
  • Offer options for delivery and pickup, including click & collect and contactless
  • Book slots and appointment and automated reminder notification
  • Automate notification to customer on order status and delivery
  • Integrate multi-channel to provide a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint
  • Get real-time updates for inventory accuracy and product availability
  • Access tools to attract, reward and keep loyal customers
  • Give your customers the freedom to buy from you whenever and wherever they want
  • Increase sales by driving online customers into physical stores and vice versa
  • Performance optimization, monitoring, backups, data integrity, and 99% uptime

GST Accounting

Mitigate your business losses due to the wrong calculation of GST. Systemized your overall GST out on purchase and other expenses and on sales and collection. Well prepared for your business and prevent it from any worst situation. Create professional GST compliant invoices and generated GSTR reports for CAs
  • Enables you to meet compliances effortlessly with integrated GST features
  • Create GST invoices to fastrack payments
  • Generate return report to be tax compliance at all the times
  • Know your tax liabilities with instant access to GST reports from multiple locations
  • Access HSN/SAC codes to your products and services by selecting relevant code
  • Generate customized accounting reports to know where the business stands
  • Save time and get more done as Invoay comes integrated with Tally and other financial accounting software
  • Know your GST liabilities and meet tax compliance seamlessly with reports
  • Export reports and lists in excel format to organize all your account transactions

Warehouse Management

The managing warehouse is a crucial part of overall inventory management and logistics chain for a retail business. In view of the best practices of retail and distribution management that entails an integrated central store, its supply, e-commerce, and order fulfilment. The integrated warehouse management makes the inventory and supply chain work seamlessly
  • Manage central warehouse with clear visibility on central inventory
  • Supports multiple warehouses for a retail store based on the location
  • Procure and transfer stock in and out respectively at the warehouse
  • Provision to manage inter-store stock transfer at the central warehouse level
  • Track inventory movement include indent request and dispatch against indent
  • Real-time check on the available stock at the retail store while transferring out
  • Monitor multiple stocks in transit with central warehouse access
  • Print transfer out after the dispatch is ready
  • Send electronic check-out receipt to the respective branch
  • Track acknowledgement of transfer-in by the individual retail store
  • Trace individual item on its purchase, transfer-out, transfer-in, sales and return

Chain & Franchisee Outlets

Managing a network of the chain of retail stores and franchise outlets has a unique challenge. Fulfil your customers expect that all the stores whether it’s a company-operated or franchise store offer them an omnichannel experience. This also includes the availability of stock, services, offers, membership loyalty benefits across all the stores.
  • Run both company-owned and franchise stores across multiple cities and states
  • Sell and accept membership, package, wallet and prepaid cards across multi-stores
  • Offer similar experience across multi-stores by review customer preferences across different stores
  • Easy for the staff to use and allows the franchisee to work on their own business
  • Empowered franchisee owner with Invoay pocket app to monitor its individual location
  • Create individual access for the master franchisee or multi-store franchise owner
  • Backoffice reporting provides the franchisees with clarity on their own business including stockholding and sales
  • Real-time visibility of sales without having to wait for each individual store to provide data
  • Restrict access to sensitive information and manage permission for each location
  • Manage promotions by individual store and location, roll out promotions across the entire franchise network

Web Design, eCommerce & Customer App

Simplified your selling online- on the web, on mobile, and integrating to sell more in stores. Invoay web designing and application development enable retailers to seamlessly operate across digital and physical sales channels. The robust platform integrates customer experience with your brand- wherever, whenever, and however, they prefer to shop. Grow your retail business today and readily turn the vision of integrated Omni channels into reality.
  • Easy to set up eCommerce for your already established brick-and-mortar business
  • Easy scale and reach customers beyond boundaries with the latest eCommerce system
  • Built and launch your home service module for services booking and delivery
  • Customize mobile application handles product, service, packages, membership sales
  • Provision to book an appointment or visiting hours with integration with central BackOffice
  • Centralized stock control for uni  commerce business with multiple sales points on eCommerce
  • Accept all payments like COD, Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Gift cards, Membership wallets, e-wallets, Loyalty points, EMI, coupons, etc.
  • Maximize the impact of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Authenticate user login across multiple platforms with secure OTP
  • Push notification for reminders, updates, complete cart purchase, lost customer, returning customer

Other Modules

Protect your data against misuse and malicious interruptions with Salon & Spa Management. Multi-user security requires each user to log-on with a secure password. Once logged on, restrictions can be implemented to prevent access to sensitive information.

  • Automatically backs up data to disk
  • Franchisee Operations Module
  • Operates simply and quickly
  • Includes clearly demonstrated manuals
  • Provides reports for service and retail sales, back bar usage, sales tax, inventory, appointments and general statistics
  • Provides individual user-defined access and security features
  • Accounts receivable and payables
  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Task Management ModulesWhy are you have integrated INVOAY – Salon and Spa with Tally.ERP 9 while you already have an integrated financial accounting?

Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally.ERP for accounting, inventory and statutory reports. We offer export data to Tally.ERP 9 as a convenience to those who want to use it for accounting, statutory reports, and payroll and audit purpose.

Do I need Tally.ERP for my accounting purposes?

Not really. Invoay POS Software has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders.

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